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Anonymous asked: what does drink him under a table mean?

It just means that she can drink a lot more alcohol in one sitting than Mickey can.

In other news, how does Mickey know Svetlana can drink him under a table?? Isn’t she supposed to be pregnant??




Alright, so pushing aside the fact that you brought your pointless hate post to the Mandy Milkovich tag, just, seriously?

You think she’d think Mickey was gay, with who her father is? She was raised in a homophobic, toxic environment and had it pounded into her that being gay was the worst fucking thing in the world, and she KNOWS that if Mickey is gay, his life would be Hell. So maybe she looked over it a little bit, but in Mandy’s world if Mickey is gay, he’s DEAD, and why would she ASSUME something about her brother that equates to his life being over? Don’t even get me started on if she asked him because in her head he’d just freak out on her and call her a fag lover or something.

And Ian is supposedly her best friend so like, can you BLAME Mandy for thinking he’d have enough respect for her to tell her if he was falling in love with her brother? You can see how much faith she has in the Gallagher boys with how much she tries to get Lip to talk to her, so wow she thinks Ian loves her enough to tell her something big like wow Mandy is so stupid wow.

Wherein Lip thinks sex can cure homosexuality.